After 16 weeks I was already done. I am really happy I chose
MOD Mouth Aligners from the Brilliant Bar!

Shana Reiss

Brilliant Bar has been a pleasure to deal with from the start. Customer service was amazing. Communication with the employees was smooth and excellent. They had a dentist on staff that answered all of my questions. I found them to be the most affordable and professional. I received my aligners and they fit perfectly and comfortably, no one can even tell I am wearing them. I highly recommend Brilliant Bar.

Noah Hiller

Always wanted to close gaps in my teeth. Could never afford them. Was afraid to buy online without seeing or talking to a dentist. Excited Brilliant Bar came to New Jersey! Easy scan, friendly, inexpensive! Will definitely recommend!

Brian DeSoto

Wearing my clear aligners for one month now I wear them to work and no one actually notices They are much more comfortable than I was expecting Customer service was the best… A Brilliant Bar Hygienist actually called me the next week after I started treatment to check how I was doing Highest rating

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Bryan Fraser

I’ve had a great experience with my mod-mouth aligners that I received at brilliant bar. The entire staff, from the doctors to anyone I talked to on the phone or in the office, were exceptionally nice and personable…. Thanks to the Brilliant Bar team!


Binyomin Wulliger

The best move ever! Had them for 8 months and they worked perfectly! No complaints, amazing staff, amazing product, amazing price! Highly recommend for someone looking for braces or Invisalign, it’s better! In many ways.



Brilliant Bar made me want to smile again! I was always self conscious of my crooked teeth, but fixing it just wasn’t affordable. Finally, I found a place that had amazing customer service, great experienced dentists and even better aligners than I have ever seen on anyone. They’re super clear, no one even knew I had them on. Highly recommend!!!!


Latisha Beltran

Brilliant bar teeth aligners is the most preferred aligners. They are almost invisible, and very comfortable- takes just a short time to get used to after that you just don’t feel them. And it gets you to the perfect smile in a real short time. They have great customer service. Highly recommended.


Paul Dn

I am currently in month 5 of my treatment and I have to confess that I am very satisfied with the results I am obtaining. The treatment is definitely going in accordance with my expectations. The staff at this facility are awesome, very courteous and professional. They always go above and beyond with their excellent customer service. I visit this location periodically for follow ups and every time they receive me with the same attention. I will definitely recommend Brilliant Bar to anyone.


Sehara Abraham

Super easy, affordable, Hygienist on site was knowledgeable, unique beauty gifts


Bianca Lewis

I can’t believe how easy this entire process was! Brilliant Bar aligners are a no brainer! Besides for being ridiculously affordable, the MOD Mouth aligners are super comfortable and practically invisible. Had my teeth professionaly whitened while wearing the aligners
I would strongly recommend! 5 stars 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
I can’t believe how easy this entire process was!


Vanessa Jones

I had crooked bottom teeth and am too old for braces to look normal on me, thank goodness for Brilliant Bar. Every week I got a new MOD mouth so it didn’t get dirty. Thanks.


Michael Rodriguez

I never write reviews but I am so excited about my new aligners. My lower front teeth always bothered me because they were crowded and crooked. I heard about Brilliant Bar clear aligners from friends who have used them and I always wanted to use them for my teeth but they were too expensive. I went in for a consultation and the staff was so nice and explained to me all my options for a nicer smile. The price for the clear aligners is what got me – it was far cheaper that the other brand smile direct club. They took a scan and I will be picking them up in a few weeks. I am so excited. Can’t wait to start.


Matt L

My experience with Brilliant Bar to date has been exceptional! From the first consultation to now I’ve received exceptional customer service. Any questions I have get answered immediately. (And Had a few)
You won’t find a better price for aligners anywhere.
There was no way I was going to trust having a kit sent to my house where I do the impressions myself.
I can already notice my teeth shifting and look forward to the end result.
Would highly recommend Brilliant Bar to anyone.


Mason Lazor

7 weeks in to a 12 week treatment. So far so good. Everyone at the store is very nice, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with. Everything has gone exactly how they said so far. Teeth are shifting each week. Retainers are thin and clear – you can hardly notice them visually and they aren’t bad to have in your mouth. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for an alignment program. Also got whitening “add-on” for little money and now my teeth are noticeably whiter


Rebecca Abecasis

Bought MOD Mouth invisible aligners for $75 a month Wow Cheap but very good I am in middle of treatment and almost forget I have them in my mouth I give 5 stars to MODmouth!


Marc Wiesel

I thought I missed my chance for braces as I was too embarrassed to get in my adult life. Brilliant Bar came to the rescue, and I was able to fix my teeth in no time at all. Now I’m proud to smile 🙂

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